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November 20, 2005



Sounding like you're enjoying your free time very much. Well earned!

I, in contrary, need a job and not soooooo much free time on my hand. :p

If you're bored, don't forget to check out my blog (I've got a new template/layout!) BTW, did you check out those links I've give you on the name of my blog? :)


Re, Abbreviations: Well, OEs and JAFA? Hehehe, those are Kiwi's slangs. Well, OEs are 'Oversea Experiences' while JAFA is not a very nice's an acronym for 'Just Another F*ing Aucklander' :p Since I didn't live in Auckland while I was in NZ, so no snobby Aucklander here. :p

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