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September 20, 2006



I dunno. Seems to me Thaksin was democratically voted in - by poor country people mainly hoping to improve their lot - and I can't see why things couldn't wait until he was democratically pushed out. That is what a democracy is. He may have been inept and maybe even corrupt. There are many, many politicians in office that could be tarred with that particular brush. Some might accuse Bush of sharing these 'talents". Me included. I think Thaksin's being "couped" has more to do with the elite, and I am sure that the military got the ok with a nudge and a wink from His Maj. I can'tbelieve that he was kept in the dark about it. Which makes me wonder what the agenda is?

Anyway, glad it's all going velvety and that no one is hurt. Hopefully it'll be back to business as usual and not a return to pre-democracy military rule with secret police and midnight arrests.


Thanks for the blog update Lyle. I didn't realise the whole school closed today (the papers here just said Australian embassy staff were told to keep their kids at home). I am happy to hear that you are all safe so far, and keep all our fingers and toes crossed that it remains so for you and everyone else in Thailand.


It was great to share such an historical and memorable day with you in Bangkok yesterday. Let's hope this coup remains, on the whole, a positive experience for those of us living in Thailand.


Sarah, I agree with every point and observation that you made. We've all been asking (rhetorically, as no one can think of a good answer), Why oust Thaksin by force, when elections loom right around the corner? What were they thinking? Why the alleged "silent whisper" from above, giving assent (of which I learned last night, after posting yesterday)? I didn't delve into political analysis in yesterday's post because as a mum and a pacifist I was so relieved there hadn't been (so far) a bloody reprise of '92, '73, or '71. I do agree with my Thai editor that love for the King unites Thais in the long run, but I don't share his nonchalance about coups coming and going. I don't condone the military's actions. Believe me, if I thought coups were cool, I would've spearheaded a charge to oust Bush II after his disastrous re-election in 2004!

Thanks for commenting and for stopping by, Sarah -- I can't wait to catch up on how you'd been spending your recent 11:47s!

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