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October 20, 2006



Ah, thanks for the kudos, Lyle. We're down to 9 weeks until departure to SE Asia. So much to do. How did we accumulate so much that we needed to get rid of?!

It sounds like it was a great orphanage and I agree with you whole-heartedly on the Christian aspect of it all. It's good to see an group that practices what it preaches.


hi, i would really like to sponsor this boy Art thats at the house of mercy, i went there in april as part of a school mission, only im having trouble locating their site- any info would be appreciated


i am a high school student in bangkok and i am interested to do some service in the local thai community. i was thinking of providing first aid for orphanages and things like that. I want to go study medicine in college and i want to give back to the community starting today. can anyone help me out? thanks


a usefull and informative blog great work guys i will try and read all your posts
regards john and noi

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