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November 26, 2006


Thai Radio

Was such a big wedding necessary?

Bangkok Expat Mama

Why ask me? To each, his or her own. This bride and groom happen to be wealthy non-corrupt people who actually contribute to philanthropy that helps their fellow Thais. So what if they feel obligated within their hi-so demographic to entertain seemingly every single person they've ever known, during their nuptials? Big isn't by definition bad. But on the flip side, desscribing the event doesn't serve as an endorsement of lavish weddings either.


What happened to your blog? I miss your posts!

Log Poacher

I second Melissa! Surely the Christmas holidays are over by now!



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I really enjoyed your page.


No posts for a while, huh? I enjoy reading your blog so hope all is well.. do you think you could put a link to my blog in your links and I'll do the same for you? Thanks :)

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