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November 22, 2006



If you're feeling a crisis about your writing...don't! I love reading your blog (no matter which way it wanders). I used to live in Thailand myself, and I love to read other people's experiences and see how things have changed, etc. Hope you get the mention in National Geo, that would be cool!


I'm not the TC you mentioned, but thought it strange that's it's my initials, as well. Anyway, point of the post is that I've found that my blog also has more strangers reading it than family and friends, and the only friends who read it are out of this state.

34 days until we're on the plane to Ha Noi. Crazy.

Another crazy... on the Amazon ad to the right is a book by Erin McKean, whose blog I was just reading. -insert Twilight Zone theme song-


I feel your pain. I, too, am trapped in a TOT-only wilderness. Six months to get a phone line; one month and counting waiting for an upgrade to ADSL...they were supposed to come yesterday but of course never showed up. They asked us to pay for the wireless router in advance, which we did, then somehow forgot that we had already paid for it on a follow-up phone call. My favourite incident was calling their "help" line only to have no one answer the phone! Communications company my ass! I could go on....but I won't.

Congrats on the NG mention. Don't worry about defining your blog...just write what's on your mind! It's always a pleasure to read.

Thailand Gal

Absolutely love your blog! I can certainly understand how it gets discouraging after a while, nothing quite new to say, not knowing whether people are finding it interesting, not enough comments, blah blah blah. It's a real dilemma but somehow we keep doing it! LOL



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