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November 02, 2006



I looked into staying at the Atlanta last year when I was in BKK, but decided against it due to the fact that reservations can't be made by email. Also, at that time there wasn't a way for them to guarantee a room would be available even with a reservation.

Not good service for this time and age.


So when are we going for dinner and some drinks next then, huh lady?!


Do you know what's up with the Bambi website? Anyone? Tis not working and I need to look for a nanny...


A funky alternative to the Landmark, JW Marriott, and such offerings.

Which reminds me, here is a new video I found on You Tube from X-Patriate, which features BKK. Great song!


I was searching for reviews of Atlanta when I came across this blog. I'd love to stay at the Atlanta for my first trip to BKK but am a bit scared of the webpage! Plus that one cannot make confirmed reservations is not exactly the best way to start a trip to an unfamiliar city.

Would you be able to reccommend a funky, reasonably priced hotel (a la Atlanta)?

Thank you

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